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High Density Black Masterbatch
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High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
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High Density White Masterbatch
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A common defect of masterbatch

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 1, under the sunlight, products in the paint with stripes
This problem should be from plastic physical and mechanical properties and plastic molding process two aspects to consider:
1.1 the temperature of the injection molding equipment didn't control well, after the pigment into the mixing chamber can't fully mixed with resin.
1.2 injection molding machine without a back pressure, screw mixing effect is not good.
1.3 pigment dispersion of plasticizing or resin.
Technology can make the following debugging: 1. The mixing cavity by blanking mouth part temperature slightly raise 2. Inflicts on injection molding machine back pressure.
If the above debugging is still not good, may be masterbatch and dispersion of the resin or matching problem, should be resolved contact masterbatch manufacturer.
2, using a color mother, products appear more easily broken
This may be due to the manufacturer chooses the spread of the dispersant additives or quality is not good cause bad miscibility, physical and mechanical properties of the affected products.
3, color master the directions according to the proportion of after use, color too deep, too shallow)
The problem is simple, but there are many possibilities, specific as follows:
3.1. Without seriously try to color masterbatch, paints too little or too much
3.2. When using measurement is not accurate, measuring phenomenon at a large number of domestic enterprises especially small and medium enterprises
3.3. Mother color matching with the resin existence question, this may be improper selection is the carrier of masterbatch, can also be resized resin manufacturers
3.4. Improper temperature machine, the pigment in the machine for a long time
Handler: first check whether resin varieties and mother color matching, measurement is accurate, then adjust the temperature or the machine speed, such as there is still a problem to contact masterbatch manufacturer.
4, the same pigment, resin and formulation, and different injection molding machine injection depth is why the color of the products have?
This is often caused by the reason of the injection molding machine. Different injection molding machine for the manufacture, the using time or the maintenance condition is different, causing the difference between the state of machinery, especially the difference of original heating and the degree of close to the cylinder, the pigment in the dispersed state in the cylinder is different also, the above phenomenon will appear.
5, in another sign of resin, the same color and formula, color is changed, is this why?
Different type of resin its density and melt index will have difference, so the performance of the resin will have difference, and the compatibility of color master also can have differences, so as to change color, generally speaking, as long as its density and melt index were similar, so the color difference is not too big, can be more is by adjusting the dosage of the masterbatch color.
6, pigment dye migration occur in the process of storage will affect the quality of the products?
Some pigment pigment content (or dyes) high, in this case, the migration phenomenon is normal. Especially to join dye masterbatch, serious migration phenomenon happens. But this does not affect the quality of the products, because mother color after injection into products, paint is in normal color concentration in the products.
7, why do some injection products luster is bad?
There are a variety of possibilities:
7.1. Injection molding machine nozzle temperature is too low
7.2. Injection mold finish is not good
7.3. Products molding cycle is too long
7.4. Too many pigment contained in the titanium dioxide
7.5. Pigment dispersion is not good
8, after a period of time, some plastic products fade phenomenon will happen.
Manufacturers adopted basic paint quality is bad, drift occur.
9, why ABS color female particularly prone to color difference?
Countries to produce different grades of ABS color difference is bigger, even the same brand of ABS, each batch batch, there may be color difference after using masterbatch coloring, of course, also can appear off color. This is due to the characteristics of ABS, has not yet been thoroughly solution in the world. However, the color difference is not serious.
Users in the use of ABS masterbatch, must pay attention to the characteristics of ABS
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