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Filling masterbatch how to reduce the cost?

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 Filler masterbatch development up to now, as the raw materials and electricity price rise, labor costs increased, the competitive market results in the price is relatively lower, gradually filled masterbatch production cost pressure is more and more big, especially large scale smaller filler masterbatch production enterprises, reduce the masterbatch production cost is almost the only way out of the enterprise survival and participate in market competition.
So, how to decrease the cost of filling masterbatch? In view of the filler masterbatch production of each link, can from the following several aspects.
1, reasonably choose fertilizer types
(1) familiar with the function of the filler masterbatch middling YongZhuJi, in the light of the concrete requirements of masterbatch to choose reasonable fertilizer types and the lower the price of fertilizer the masterbatch to reduce costs, the low price agent performance certainly not very good, may require higher content, which increases the cost, at the same time can also affect the masterbatch quality;
(2) don't blindly pursuing high-grade additives, auxiliary class is high in general performance is better, to improve the performance of the masterbatch and the grade is, the better, but not necessarily high cost performance, it is difficult to reduce cost of masterbatch;
(3) the synergistic effect between fully understand additives, as far as possible to reduce fertilizer use, or use composite dispersant type of special additives, all kinds of additives in the masterbatch system optimal configuration, is very important to reduce the cost.
(3) learn to identify additives and inferior to prevent adulteration suppliers to reduce the price.
2, a reasonable choice of inorganic powder mesh
(1) the mesh is not as thin as possible, to choose according to different product use mesh;
(2) according to the different powder or oil absorption value of different mesh difference the dosage of the compound fertilizer rationally;
(3) learn to simple method for the identification of mesh to prevent vendor quality fraud;
(4) the choice of different inorganic powder composite to reduce costs is also a good way.
3, raw material in the appropriate to add some high quality recycled materials
4, optimization of mixing process and production process, reduce the energy consumption and labor costs as much as possible
5, on the basis of the existing conditions optimization masterbatch formulation as much as possible
Due to the price of raw materials is generally not controlled by the masterbatch production enterprise, the reasonable design and optimization of masterbatch formula, select some appropriate high cost performance of new materials and additives, is very good way of masterbatch enterprises to reduce costs.
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