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Micro Film Black masterbatch
Micro Film Black masterbatch
The micro film black masterbatch developed by our company is made by the carrier LLDPE, good quality carbon black, disperstance and lubricant through advanced technology.
High Density White Masterbatch
High Density White Masterbatch
The high density white masterbatch which is developed and produced by our company by advanced technology is made up of unique resin for white color masterbatch , high quality titanium(Anatase /Rutile), dispersant and lubricant and so on.
PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
Being market-driven and strengthening the research, our company had developed PE supply water pipe black masterbatch called E051. The black masterbatch which contains 50% carbon black, has a high carbon black content , strong power of color , good dispersion, and is innoxious, tasteless, good ultraviolet ray shield
PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
This product is mainly based on polythene , good quality carbon black, antioxidant, rheology and made by advanced technology. It is of good dispersion, ultraviolet screener and endurance and easy to be processed and could change the rheology of linear polythene to avoid the coarse surface of the cables looking like the sharkskin.
High Density Black Masterbatch
High Density Black Masterbatch
To meet the demand of the market, our company has developed these series of black masterbat called E051, which is made up of imported resin, high quality carbon black, dispersant and lubricant processed by banbury mixer. The black masterbatch which contains 50% carbon black, has a high carbon black content , strong power of colo
High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
The color masterbatch is a kind of plastic dye which is composed of polyolefin carrier, pigment and dispersant and made by advance special technology. This product is applicable for film-blowing, injection molding, wiredrawing

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How to choose and use masterbatch masterbatch Notes

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 How to choose masterbatch
Masterbatch selection factors need attention
(1) Security masterbatch
(2) Type of TiO2 masterbatch contentCategory
(3) masterbatch additive content
(4) Viscosity of masterbatch matches the raw material system
(5) masterbatch in the processing temperature zone of low molecular weight volatiles content (high temperature)
(6) the dispersion of masterbatch
(7) Color Stability
Note the use of masterbatch
(1) Fixed masterbatch, the proportion of use of raw materials: masterbatch ratio will affect different colors, cover rate;
(2) fixed production process: changing the process parameters need to be evaluated, or affect the product quality;
(3) Fixed mixing time: masterbatch and proportion of raw materials, particles of different shapes, such as the mixing time is not fixed, it will lead to uneven distribution of masterbatch materials or segregation stratification in the mixing tank;
(4) To prevent static: plastic mixing process due to static friction, leading to uneven distribution;
(5) half-way down: barrel raw materials need to be evacuated, and lower cylinder temperature to avoid thermal oxidative decomposition of the raw material for a long time, causing yellowing and film black spots;
(6) The choice of materials choices: try not to choose BHT antioxidants contain raw materials, because hindered phenolic antioxidants at high temperatures, high humidity, there is an oxide in the presence of an alkaline environment, prone to auto-oxidation reaction leads to the finished surface of the plastic discoloration (usually becomes pink or yellow) will occur;
(7) Storage: Please masterbatch stored in a dry, ventilated and clean environment, ambient temperature is below 50 ℃, to avoid contamination. Warehouses need to use car batteries, because a large number of automobile exhaust oxide (NOx, SOx) exist, will accelerate the plastic BHT antioxidant oxidation, resulting in a film discoloration.
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