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Plastic filler surface treatment technology

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 In the plastics manufacturers in the face of the filler surface treatment problem, the solution is not to take exactly the same, but most of them are somewhat similar, this small series Lu Yan Masterbatch factory mainly to introduce the powdery inorganic filler surface treatment Technology:
(1) Surface treatment and coupling treatment
Surface treatment and coupling treatment process sub-dry and wet. Dry after inorganic filler sufficiently dehydrated at a certain temperature and atomization have a surface treatment agent or coupling and other reactions made active filler; wet, also known as solution method, in which the surface treatment agent with a coupling agent and water or low-boiling solvent preparation of a certain concentration of the solution, then at a certain temperature and then stirring the reaction with an inorganic filler machine response to achieve surface modification of the inorganic filler.
(2) a modified polymer coating
The relative molecular mass of hundreds to thousands of oligomer and a crosslinking agent or catalyst is dissolved or dispersed in a certain solvent, and then adding an appropriate amount of an inorganic filler, stirring, heated to a certain temperature, and to maintain a certain time, you can achieve filler surface modified organic coating. Using a relative molecular mass of the bisphenol A epoxy resin and a crosslinking agent amineimide 340 to 630 is dissolved in ethanol, adding an appropriate amount of mica powder, stirring after a certain time, to give an epoxy prepolymer and a crosslinking agent coated inert inorganic filler. Similarly, the relatively high molecular weight polymer dubbed a certain concentration in a certain solvent solution, adding an appropriate amount of filler material, at a certain temperature for a certain time, you can get a polymer-coated inorganic filler. As with 2% polyethylene glycol-modified calcium carbonate coating, wollastonite.
(3) an unsaturated organic acid
The law refers to an unsaturated organic acids (such as acrylic acid) containing the active metal ion (including AI2, O3, K2O, na2O other chemical into) a filler (such as feldspar, quartz, glass beads, calcined clay, etc.) under certain conditions Under mixing, the metal ions and carboxyl groups of an organic acid on the filler surface chemical reaction with the formation of a stable ionic bond structure monolayer coated on the surface of the inorganic filler particles. Since the other end of the organic acids with unsaturated double bond, with great reactivity, molding and processing under thermal or mechanical shearing action, the matrix resin will produce free radicals and reactive unsaturated double bond reactive filler surface , forming chemical cross-linking structure. Thus greatly improving the mechanical strength of the composite material.
Organic acids on inorganic filler when used for surface treatment, the amount of organic acid must be controlled so that only the surface of the filler uniformly coated monolayer. It will decrease the amount of excess heat resistant composite materials, and product appearance worse: but the amount is too small, can not form a molecular film, the impact of the composite effect.
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