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PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
This product is mainly based on polythene , good quality carbon black, antioxidant, rheology and made by advanced technology. It is of good dispersion, ultraviolet screener and endurance and easy to be processed and could change the rheology of linear polythene to avoid the coarse surface of the cables looking like the sharkskin.
High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
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High Density Black Masterbatch
High Density Black Masterbatch
To meet the demand of the market, our company has developed these series of black masterbat called E051, which is made up of imported resin, high quality carbon black, dispersant and lubricant processed by banbury mixer. The black masterbatch which contains 50% carbon black, has a high carbon black content , strong power of colo
High Density White Masterbatch
High Density White Masterbatch
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Micro Film Black masterbatch
Micro Film Black masterbatch
The micro film black masterbatch developed by our company is made by the carrier LLDPE, good quality carbon black, disperstance and lubricant through advanced technology.
PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
Being market-driven and strengthening the research, our company had developed PE supply water pipe black masterbatch called E051. The black masterbatch which contains 50% carbon black, has a high carbon black content , strong power of color , good dispersion, and is innoxious, tasteless, good ultraviolet ray shield

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The main advantage of the masterbatch color have?

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Masterbatch coloring was first a high concentration of coloured aggregate - masterbatch, then will need color masterbatch and color plastic particles after mixing, made from plastic parts directly.
(1) good dispersibility Masterbatch is colorants with certain additives specially made by processing complex. In the process of preparation of masterbatch, colorants have got good dispersion, can avoid the stain of bulky particle exists, thus eliminating the color in the color plastic products point; Masterbatch and plastic particles at the same time, easy to mix between using masterbatch coloring, the uniformity of the color of the plastic products is better.
(2) easy to use Due to the mixing between the masterbatch and plastic particles performance is good, can use commonly used ordinary mixing equipment, and even artificial batch mixing, application is very convenient.
(3) helps to reduce the brightness of the photo of plastic products Masterbatch, except colorants also contains carrier and other additives, so join in unit plastic masterbatch dosage more than ordinary dosage of the colorant, so measuring the relative error is lesser, helps to reduce shading when the brightness of the photo.
(4) better working conditions USES masterbatch coloring, colorants are combined and carrier in fertilizer and make granular, in measurement and batch processing, all will not float in the sky it does not pollute the environment, compared with dry coloring, greatly improve the working conditions.
(5) changing colors is very convenient Use masterbatch coloring, no pollution mixing equipment, when changing color, saves the clean work of mixing equipment, compared with dry coloring and paste stain coloring, the advantages of saving time and labor for there.
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