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High Density Black Masterbatch
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PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
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The production process and the process of color Lu Yan

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 The production process of Color Masterbatch
Masterbatch production process is very strict, generally by the wet process. Masterbatch material grinding by the water phase, phase, washing, drying, granulation, the only way to ensure the quality of the products.
Other pigments in the grinding processing at the same time, we should carry on a series of tests, such as determination of the sand slurry grinding fineness, determination of the sand grinding slurry diffusion properties, determination of the sand grinding slurry solid content and determination of fineness paste project.
Process color material production has four kinds of methods:
(1) ink method: as the name suggests, is a method for producing ink paste used in the production of masterbatch, namely through the three roll mill, in pigment coated with a layer of low molecular layer of protection. After grinding to fine paste again and carrier resin mixed and through the second and plastic mixer (also called double and open smelting machine) plasticized. Finally, through single or twin screw extruder granulation.
The process is as follows:
Three roller grinding paste ingredients of coarse fine paste two roll plastication extrusion granulation technology of polymer network
(2) flushing method: is a pigment, water and dispersant through sand grinding, the pigment particles of less than 1 m, and through phase transfer method, the pigment into the oil phase, then drying masterbatch. Organic solvents and solvent recovery devices are needed to transfer the phase. The flow chart:
Fine paste washing evaporation drying adding carrier extruder
(3) pinch legitimate: paint and oily carrier mixing, using pigment lipophilic the characteristics, by kneading the pigment from water washed into the oil phase. At the same time, the oil carrier will be coated on the surface of the pigment, so that the pigment is dispersed and stable.
(4) metal soap method: is pigment after grinding particle size to about 1 m, and under certain temperature add soap liquid, make each pigment particles surface layer to be uniformly soap liquid wetting, forming a layer of saponification liquid. When adding metal salt solution and in the saponification of pigment surface layer chemical reaction generated a layer of metal soap protection layer (magnesium stearate). This makes the ground pigment particles will not cause flocculation phenomenon, and the protection of a certain degree of fineness.
Lu Yan Masterbatch
Note the use of Color Masterbatch
Masterbatch (1) stored for a period of time will absorb moisture, especially PET, ABS, PA, PC, and other, so to according to the true nature of grain in the same process of drying and reach the requirement for the moisture content.
G0w#^ A
FC D: G? J (2) with their desired Color Masterbatch color must be very careful, changes often occur and light color.
(3) masterbatch and other additives will respond, use caution.
(4) should pay attention to the selection of Color Masterbatch dilution ratio. The production cost is lower, but the production cost is lower, but it is also limited by the processing equipment.
Color Masterbatch Toner, must pay attention to the collocation relationship between pigment and plastic raw materials, additives. The key points for choosing as described below.
(1) pigment and resin and various additives have no reaction, solvent resistance, mobility, good heat resistance etc.. That is to say, masterbatch can not participate in various chemical reactions. Such as the curing reaction of carbon black can control the polyester plastic, so can not join the carbon black in the polyester material.
Because the plastic molding processing of high temperature, so the pigment should in the molding temperature without discoloration decomposition. Inorganic pigment resistance better, organic pigment and dye poor heat resistance, this should be cause enough attention in the selection of pigment varieties.
(2) dispersion, coloring pigments should be good. Pigment dispersing unevenly, affecting the product appearance and performance; pigment coloring is poor, will increase the amount of pigment, material costs improve. The color of the same material in different resin dispersion and tinting strength is not the same, so the choice of color should pay attention to this point.
The pigment particle size and dispersion of the pigment also has a relationship, the smaller particle size, better dispersion, strong tinting strength. G*{/wA3ES. I.xV technology network polymer
(3) should be aware of the pigment and other properties, such as for use in food, children's toys, plastic products, pigment should be non-toxic, used for electrical appliances plastic products, should choose electrical insulation good pigment; used for outdoor plastic products should be selected for resistance to climate ageing properties of the pigment.