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PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
This product is mainly based on polythene , good quality carbon black, antioxidant, rheology and made by advanced technology. It is of good dispersion, ultraviolet screener and endurance and easy to be processed and could change the rheology of linear polythene to avoid the coarse surface of the cables looking like the sharkskin.
High Density White Masterbatch
High Density White Masterbatch
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High Density Black Masterbatch
High Density Black Masterbatch
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Micro Film Black masterbatch
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PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
Being market-driven and strengthening the research, our company had developed PE supply water pipe black masterbatch called E051. The black masterbatch which contains 50% carbon black, has a high carbon black content , strong power of color , good dispersion, and is innoxious, tasteless, good ultraviolet ray shield
High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
The color masterbatch is a kind of plastic dye which is composed of polyolefin carrier, pigment and dispersant and made by advance special technology. This product is applicable for film-blowing, injection molding, wiredrawing

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The use of color masterbatch and precautions

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One.Technology use color masterbatch
1. Using the masterbatch colouring injection products, injection molding machine the best selection of screw type or due to the plasticizing, mixing caused by poor coloring is not uniform.
2 improve the extrusion back pressure, in order to improve the effect of mixing screw, can make the color more evenly dispersed.
3. Solemn, elegant advanced color and Fangci color, color flash must in the premise of mould is bright to show its effects.
4. In the production process, if it is found that the adhesion of masterbatch on the wall of the hopper is the sake of electrostatic, hopper grounding to eliminate static electricity, will not affect the process.
Two, equipment requirements
Application of Color Masterbatch, in mold stiffeners or open space and easy to appear flow confusion caused by dispersed unevenly, the mold design should try to avoid. Compared with extrusion molding and injection molding, the D / L of the extruder screw is bigger, and the back pressure is increased after adding the filter, so it is good to disperse.
Injection molding, injection speed is slow, the higher the back pressure is good. In order to ensure uniformity in color masterbatch, the front end of the screw rod adding static mixer.
Three, the use of Color Masterbatch
1 in strict accordance with the masterbatch enterprises with the proportion of mixture.
2.PET, ABS, PA, PC as the carrier of the color masterbatch, stored for a period of time after moisture absorption, drying before use should be.
3 Color Masterbatch, need professional guidance, change color and color would otherwise occur.
4 color and other additives will have a reaction, use caution.


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