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High Density Black Masterbatch
High Density Black Masterbatch
To meet the demand of the market, our company has developed these series of black masterbat called E051, which is made up of imported resin, high quality carbon black, dispersant and lubricant processed by banbury mixer. The black masterbatch which contains 50% carbon black, has a high carbon black content , strong power of colo
PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
This product is mainly based on polythene , good quality carbon black, antioxidant, rheology and made by advanced technology. It is of good dispersion, ultraviolet screener and endurance and easy to be processed and could change the rheology of linear polythene to avoid the coarse surface of the cables looking like the sharkskin.
Micro Film Black masterbatch
Micro Film Black masterbatch
The micro film black masterbatch developed by our company is made by the carrier LLDPE, good quality carbon black, disperstance and lubricant through advanced technology.
PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
Being market-driven and strengthening the research, our company had developed PE supply water pipe black masterbatch called E051. The black masterbatch which contains 50% carbon black, has a high carbon black content , strong power of color , good dispersion, and is innoxious, tasteless, good ultraviolet ray shield
High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
The color masterbatch is a kind of plastic dye which is composed of polyolefin carrier, pigment and dispersant and made by advance special technology. This product is applicable for film-blowing, injection molding, wiredrawing
High Density White Masterbatch
High Density White Masterbatch
The high density white masterbatch which is developed and produced by our company by advanced technology is made up of unique resin for white color masterbatch , high quality titanium(Anatase /Rutile), dispersant and lubricant and so on.

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The whole process from manufacturing to application of masterbatch

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 Masterbatch processor provides a simple, convenient way to color and / or performance upgrade their plants or natural-based polymer additives. This technology offers a compelling combination of cost savings and technological advantages, including reduced inventory holding composites, reduce cleaning costs, the best dispersion, and therefore reliable color application performance in the final product.
Benefits can be summarized as follows: Compared to the pre-composite, low inventory holding; Best dispersed pigment / additive; no dust, no health and safety risk is not dispersed fine powder pigments or additives; eliminate trial and error development or development work, This masterbatch supplier, who is responsible for the color and consistency; washing / cleaning cost reduction.

A masterbatch is a concentrate of a solid color and / or performance-enhancing additives such as anti-static, UV stabilizers, metal deactivators, are added to the matrix polymer to impart these properties. It is usually provided in the form of particles, either as pellets or as a size similar to most polymer micro beads, known as micro-particles. In addition, the masterbatch can be delivered in the form of "rough cut" of - a mixture of small and large pieces of debris.
Color Masterbatch Factory offers two main types - Polymer specific and universal. Specific polymer masterbatch is produced using the same type of matrix polymer used by the processor. Universal masterbatch carrier system used, which can carry high amounts of additives required to provide performance requirements, as well as, basic compatibility was needed in a wide range of end-use of the polymer.
Universal masterbatch usually readily available cash, in small quantities, is the most cost-effective, if used correctly. However, in terms of compatibility, which is a compromise, processing difficulties, the emergence of some, may have to be pre-dried materials and engineering polymers. They do not recommend the use of appearance or physical properties at high dose levels may be adversely affected by the final product. In contrast, polymer specific masterbatches in advance with the host polymer and dried, no compatibility problems, increase in high load. However, only a limited range of colors are generally not convert all engineering polymer masterbatch itself.
End use, often affect masterbatch type selection. Such as toys and food packaging, you must use the 'control' of composition and production of materials engineering, will require reliable performance. Under normal circumstances, a ready-made masterbatch formulation, the choice of colors, but the use of expensive high-standard combination of polymer additives, in the "uncontrolled" universal polymer materials in cryogenic applications, will be severe and unnecessary design expensive. Other factors may be decisive typical conditions of service, such as weather and light resistance, for example,

How to make masterbatch
Simply put, manufacturing is a two-stage process: aggregation of content, and then mixing them together, by applying heat and shear to produce a homogenized particles. Generally high speed or low speed mixer is used to make then, a roll mill, a kneader, single-screw or twin-screw extruder premixed compound additives. Uniform distribution (dispersion) and development (breaking) the additive, the carrier is essential throughout. This process depends on several key elements: raw material formulation, quality quality, mixing and compounding plants. Finally, the completion of a master batch granules (or strand pelletizing die face) or on the ground.
Use masterbatch
Masterbatch may be introduced into the base polymer processors in production line number methods, the most successful method is metered volume or graviametric feed. In both techniques, the masterbatch is added directly to the pre-treatment of polymer flow. Relatively low volume doses capital investment, but has the advantage, it needs to be calibrated each time a batch or color changes (depending on the bulk density of the material is). Graviametric dosage is very accurate, but the plant is expensive.
Color; wall thickness and opacity requirements of all the implications of the dose. While homogenizing influence and dose levels, the resulting load the correct transparent color production is particularly tricky, and any defects are clearly visible. Sometimes, it is useful, then transferred to a weaker masterbatch, and the amount of homogenization required to reduce.
Injection molding, blow molding, profile extrusion, sheet extrusion, film extrusion, cast film, fiber and calendered sheet process usually masterbatch.
The basic method of determining whether to benefit from the use of masterbatch is much smaller colored compound to take into account always comes with a surcharge. In addition, if you use the same base polymer several colors, especially if it is an engineering polymer, you should explore the use of masterbatch cost. In addition, see tons of color composites stock costs and trade-offs against the use saved by installing a factory to help profit space. Although the masterbatch to 7 costs £ 25 per kilogram, it is possible to save hundreds of pounds of composites per tonne. Profits can be further enhanced by the opportunity to benefit from bulk purchases of natural polymer may be a wider choice of suppliers. In addition, there are many different masterbatch supplier selection, so you should be able to find a capable of providing quality and service to meet your specific requirements.
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