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High Density Black Masterbatch
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PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
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What are the properties of plastic coloring?

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 Plastic colorants colouring performance, can be examined from the several aspects.
1. tonal
In most cases, the main purpose is to make plastic products of plastic shaded with beautiful color, this is, of course, need to choose color bright coloring, even as identifiers and application of plastic coloring, parts people always hope it is the color of the beautiful and easy, so bright and the comparison of pigment, is usually considered a plastic with a basic condition of the colorant.
2. The tinting strength
Tinting strength is also called the tinting strength, it is to point to the color of the colorant quantity is given. Tinting strength is strong, said at a certain color need colorant added quantity is less, this to reduced cost of coloring and reduce stains may adverse influence on the physical and mechanical properties of plastic products, all has the very vital significance.
3. The transparency and hiding power
Colorants transparency and hiding power, are two opposite concepts. Transparency good colorant, covering power is poor, on the contrary, strong covering power of colorant, transparency is poor. So in order to satisfy the need of the actual color, often need to at the same time has good transparency and strong hiding power stains.
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