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High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
High Density Polyolefin Color masterbatch
The color masterbatch is a kind of plastic dye which is composed of polyolefin carrier, pigment and dispersant and made by advance special technology. This product is applicable for film-blowing, injection molding, wiredrawing
PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
PE Supply Water Pipe Black masterbatch
Being market-driven and strengthening the research, our company had developed PE supply water pipe black masterbatch called E051. The black masterbatch which contains 50% carbon black, has a high carbon black content , strong power of color , good dispersion, and is innoxious, tasteless, good ultraviolet ray shield
Micro Film Black masterbatch
Micro Film Black masterbatch
The micro film black masterbatch developed by our company is made by the carrier LLDPE, good quality carbon black, disperstance and lubricant through advanced technology.
High Density Black Masterbatch
High Density Black Masterbatch
To meet the demand of the market, our company has developed these series of black masterbat called E051, which is made up of imported resin, high quality carbon black, dispersant and lubricant processed by banbury mixer. The black masterbatch which contains 50% carbon black, has a high carbon black content , strong power of colo
PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
PE Cable Jacket Black masterbatch
This product is mainly based on polythene , good quality carbon black, antioxidant, rheology and made by advanced technology. It is of good dispersion, ultraviolet screener and endurance and easy to be processed and could change the rheology of linear polythene to avoid the coarse surface of the cables looking like the sharkskin.
High Density White Masterbatch
High Density White Masterbatch
The high density white masterbatch which is developed and produced by our company by advanced technology is made up of unique resin for white color masterbatch , high quality titanium(Anatase /Rutile), dispersant and lubricant and so on.

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Why use the Luyan color masterbatch?

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Shandong Luyan masterbatch Co. Ltd. was founded in 1994, is located in the "national historical and cultural city" - Tai'an. Is a color LED, a set of scientific research, production and sales of the modern enterprise. Today we understand why to use color? - what are the characteristics?

1 to have the better dispersion of pigment in the products
To be on the pigment refining masterbatch production process, in order to improve the dispersion and tinting pigment. Carrier and products of color masterbatch for plastics are of the same variety, with good matching, heating and melting of pigment particles can be well dispersed in plastic products.
2 is conducive to maintaining the chemical stability of pigment
The direct use of pigment, due to the storage and use in the process of pigment are in direct contact with the air, pigments can of water absorption, oxidation occurs, and fineness of the mother, because of carrier resin paint and air, water separation can make pigment quality will remain unchanged for a long time.
3 to ensure the stability of product color
Similar color masterbatch particles and resin particles, in the measurement more accurate and convenient, mixed does not adhere to a container, and resin mixed uniformly, so you can ensure stability of the adding amount of, so as to ensure the stability of the color of the product.
4 health protection of operator
Pigment is generally powdery, added and mixed, easy to float in the sky, after being inhaled by the human body will affect the health of the operator.
5 keep the environment clean
6 easy to use
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