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Affect the nature of the filler resin properties
most particulate filler is a particulate inorganic filler or a mineral from the rock made by different methods, due to the shape of the unevenness of crushing, the particles are generally irregular, or even somewhat difficult to describe the shape of the filler particles
In plastic colorant dispersion
In order to make plastic even coloring, two conditions must be met: the pigment particles well refined; uniformly dispersed in plastic (mixed). Pigment dispersion not only affects the appearance of the colored products (spots, streaks, luster, color and transparency) and processability, but also directly affect the quality of coloring products, such as strength, elongation, aging resistance and resistivity.
The chemical stability of the PE plastic
Chemical stability: PE is polar crystalline polymer, it has excellent chemical stability
PE breathable performance plastic presentation
Breathable polymer material is spread by the dissolution and expansion caused two processes. Gas is first dissolved in the plastic material, the gaseous material then diffuses into the low concentration side and evaporated out
Heat resistance special masterbatch
Like dedicated masterbatch grade heat is usually used for finished plastic phase of adaptation, at normal temperature, you can be assured use.
Masterbatch process technology Introduction
Generally accepted as masterbatch skills is a wet process.
How to improve after adding masterbatch, blown film printing effect of variation
After we mentioned above, add masterbatch, blown film printing effect of variation of reasons, how to improve it?
How to get a good injection pearlescent effect?
When the injection molding, paint a narrow slice through the entrance into the mold, its viscosity is quite large, the strong resistance of the pigment to the sheet resistance shape into the mold, often upright inflows. (Injection masterbatch)
Why white masterbatch plastic products made of used yellow?
white masterbatch mainly of titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide itself also have a aging period, when using a phase
Why is there a plasticizer plasticizing effect?
The main effect is inserted between the polymer chains, increasing the distance between the molecular chains
Masterbatch will not affect the gloss of plastic products
e was in the use of masterbatch, plastics did not follow its own requirements with masterbatch, because we all know, is not only a universal masterbatch carrier is very much the type of masterbatch
color Masterbatch production of plastic bags in which the role
dispersion, masterbatch can be completely dispersed into the resin in the development of temperature.
Lu Yan black Masterbatch range of applications
Black masterbatch according to use points to water pipes
What good is a masterbatch?
Masterbatch is usually used along with the manufacturing process of plastic products
Structures that affect the plastic properties of carbon black characteristics
Carbon black particles in the form of primary particles not only exist, but also in the production process often melt to form aggregates.
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