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Luyan to tell you how to choose black masterbatch
One of the main features of black masterbatch stability is stable proportion of carbon black. If the percentage of carbon black is fluctuating, so need the number of molten masterbatch is not the same, to the production of products of the same hue could not.
Use of cast film masterbatch
Shandong Luyan masterbatch Co. Ltd. was founded in 1994, is located in the "national historical and cultural city" - Tai'an. Is a color LED, a set of scientific research, production and sales of the modern enterprise.
The modified material of black masterbatch
This product has passed SGS testing, in line with the latest environmental protection policy in Europe and America and other countries.
Plastic pipe identification, role and influence
Plastic coloring is a component indispensable to the plastics industry, its significance is to beautify the product, the second important purpose is to identify, through the identification results of color, have practical value. Through the identification of the plastic pipe is easy to distinguish between pipe USES, such as: black plastic tubing with blue logo line as the feed pipe, with yellow mark line for gas pipe and so on.
Use bellows masterbatch note
Masterbatch containing inorganic powder to improve pipe ring stiffness. Therefore, it is necessary to the inorganic powder surface treatment to improve its dispersion in the resin
Masterbatch what are the basic testing project?
We in the production of masterbatch would be through a series of tests, the most common tests have color, dispersion, ash content, melt index and heat resistance level, etc.
Pb tube selection Masterbatch
Shandong Luyan Color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. according to the demand of the market and the new developed a PB pipe special masterbatch and then Pb tube is a tube it? What color should be paid attention to in the process of using? Lu Yan led us to explore the masterbatch:
What is dispersant
Polymer dispersion process of pigments, in view of the content is less or non-polar polymer carrier is mixed with paint on the surface of the polarity, break through the interface obstacles, play a key role in the increase compatibility.
Color masterbatch injection caused problems and their solutions
Shandong LuYan masterbatch co., LTD., founded in 1994, is located in the "national famous historical and cultural city" - taian. Is a dominated by masterbatch, integrating scientific research, production and sales in a body's modernized enterprise. Friendship remind everybody LuYan company plastic masterbatch for plastic injection products often appear problem and its solution.
Why do you want to color masterbatch
Shandong Luyan Color Masterbatch Co.,Ltd , located in Tai’an City which is a famous tourist city, was founded in June, 1994. She is a modernization industrial enterprise On scientific Research& Development, Manufacture and Sales
Special straw black masterbatch material standards
Luyan company with everybody understand the straws in black masterbatch material standards.
The masterbatch dispersant
Dispersant is provided to pigment masterbatch and infiltration, can make its dispersed into a small, stable, evenly distributed in the resin particles, convergent wax with narrow molecular weight distribution, stable quality and a series of excellent performance main coloring masterbatch of high-end market. Multinational companies in China and domestic masterbatch masterbatch enterprise core enterprise use the aggregation of imported wax wax or more.
Technology innovation trend of high-end color masterbatch
Color masterbatch is an important raw material for plastic pipe, chemical fiber and other products, facing the upgrade in the field of downstream products of high demand, China Dyestuff Industry Association Professional Committee of masterbatch will be in the first half of the year held two key activities to promote technology innovation to high-end, to cater to the needs of the market.
PB pipe masterbatch matters needing attention
Shandong Luyan masterbatch co., Ltd., according to the market demand has developed a new type of PB pipe dedicated masterbatch, so what PB tube is a pipe? Masterbatch in use process should pay attention to what? Luyan masterbatch to lead everyone to discuss:
Luyan company belt you know artificial lawn masterbatch
Artificial turf materials need to bear the high strength of sports wear and facing the natural environment, so artificial turf materials should have excellent thermal stability, durability, resistance to migration and weathering.
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