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The difference between the filler masterbatch
Shandong Luyan color masterbatch to remind you: in the production of plastic products for the use of Color Masterbatch masterbatch and filling is an indispensable material, between the two is how the difference and relationship?
How to solve the film bag seal is not good
The use of color masterbatch can obtain different colors in polyethylene blown film, improve the visual effect, film or plastic enterprise printing enterprises tend to membrane bag, which meets the requirement of downstream customers, due to the application of bag making machine, improve production efficiency, while the membrane material requirements are more stringent, if improper use of Color Masterbatch, appearance of sealing the problem of bad influence will bag making process,
Plastic injection molds
Shandong Luyan Color Masterbatch after years of painstaking research, in plastic bottle cap color masterbatch for outstanding achievements, especially in bottle cap moulding process avoid harm to the mold achieved a major breakthrough.
The sealing film bag is not good? PE color masterbatch to help you solve
Shandong Luyan Color Masterbatch Co.,Ltd , located in Tai’an City which is a famous tourist city, was founded in June, 1994. Is a color LED, a set of scientific research, production and sales of the modern enterprise.
Luyan cast film masterbatch can rely on "looks" to eat, but rely on the quality of
The company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, professional research team, independent laboratory, strong technical strength. The company leading the existing six categories of products (special masterbatch for pipeline and packaging dedicated masterbatch, function masterbatch, a variety of agricultural masterbatch, modification of plastics and plastic special masterbatch, rubber master film), more than 10 series, thousands of varieties, sales throughout the country
Luyan company in Suzhou to participate in engineering plastics Conference
Shandong Luyan Color Masterbatch Co. Ltd. in July 2015 27-7 months 31 in Suzhou in synthetic resin in China Federation of supply and Marketing Association processing and application of branch.
Luyan special cap White Masterbatch has been recognized by customers
Shandong Luyan Color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. in order to meet the market demand, develop a HDPE bottle special White Masterbatch, the product has been successfully by Shandong provincial disease prevention and control center detection (melamine, heavy metal, plasticizer).
The cap should be how to choose color masterbatch
Shandong Luyan color masterbatch Co. Ltd is a professional recommendation: 1 color masterbatch compatibility. 2 color masterbatch dispersion. 3 color masterbatch proportion. 4 color masterbatch production after adding filling cap. 5The forming performance of color masterbatch production cap. 6 the strength of the bottle cap.
The harm of plastic bottle color masterbatch for plastic injection molds
Shandong Luyan Color Masterbatch after years of painstaking research, in plastic bottle cap color masterbatch for outstanding achievements, especially in bottle cap moulding process avoid harm to the mold achieved a major breakthrough. Damage mold is raw material impurities, the causes of catalyst residues; the second is the masterbatch containing metal shavings, granulation process in cutter shape, cut angle knife, bottle cap masterbatch particles poorly. If the accumulation of impurities will
Effect of color masterbatch on cap quality
The strict requirements of masterbatch injection molding process to produce plastic caps, achieve food grade is a necessary condition
plastic bottle color masterbatch
Shandong Luyan Color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. recently in the plastic (HDPE) bottle color masterbatch for field achieved major breakthrough, masterbatch content of the scrap metal can be control in 1ppm to solve the injection molding production cap blocking phenomenon of the network, to improve the rate of qualified products, from at present every 2 days to clean, to Clean once a week.
PE pipeline system advantages
low temperature impact resistance good: low temperature embrittlement of polyethylene, can be used in the temperature range of -60-60. Winter construction, due to the impact of the material is good, will not occur the pipe brittle crack.
PPR production process
Pipe production process: PP - R raw, vacuum ceiling send material hopper, storing, feeding, extrusion molding, cooling, shaping, drawing, cutting, examining and storing pipe production process: PP - R raw materials, transport material hopper, storing, feeding, heating and melting, extrusion and injection plastic, cooling and molding, die opening, inspection and storage.
Why you should use Masterbatch instead of Pigment Powder/Chemical Additives?
In many cases, it’s more economic to use Masterbatch when manufacturers are unfamiliar of combination between Pigment Powder/Chemical Additives and plastic raw materials, spend less trial time, make less waste materials and manpower in color matching.
PE Supply Water Pipe
Being market-driven and strengthening the research, our company had developed PE supply water pipe black masterbatch called E051. The black masterbatch which contains 50% carbon black, has a high carbon black content , strong power of color , good dispersion, and is innoxious, tasteless, good ultraviolet ray shield , easy to mix with the base material. It has been attested as the quality product by the National Chemical Construction Material Attestation Center and also has passed the national
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