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The whole process from manufacturing to application of masterbatch
Masterbatch processor provides a simple, convenient way to color and / or performance upgrade their plants or natural-based polymer additives.
Discussion property opening masterbatch
Between the opening as a masterbatch additive, can significantly reduce various films
Masterbatch Hiding Power
Hiding Power is applied when the pigment surface, cover the surface background capability
Which breed and grade masterbatch points?
Masterbatch commonly used classification are the following
PET white masterbatch
Shandong Lu Yan Masterbatch company produces PET white masterbatch, high-quality titanium dioxide manufacturing universal masterbatch
black masterbatch
Black masterbatch is a high concentration of carbon black polyethylene resin as the carrier made of high temperature mixing.
Rutile titanium dioxide presentation
Rutile titanium dioxide R299 (Masterbatch special type) is a sulfuric acid method were special type titanium white, the appearance of white powder
Effect of plastic properties of carbon black characteristics (blackness and particle size)
Blackness is directly related to carbon black pigment particle size, particle size, the higher the degree of pigment carbon black. This is because, although primary
Chemical stability of PE plastic presentation
PE nonpolar crystalline polymer, having excellent chemical stability, the aqueous solution can acid, alkali and salt at room temperature, such as hydrochloric acid
Pigment masterbatch production requirements
Masterbatch pigment used, must pay attention to relations with pigment and plastic raw materials, additives between points below their choice.
Black masterbatch features you know?
Black masterbatch features you know? Here small as we explain below.
Shandong black masterbatch which application
With the now "high performance plastic materials," the promotion and popularization of plastic products for the masterbatch alone requires not stop at the "colored" at this level,
Look at the quality of masterbatch have the recipe
How to look at the quality of masterbatch? From the following seven trying to be difficult to master.
Masterbatch for injection molding temperature many degrees
Masterbatch for injection molding temperature much better? We all know that one plastic molding injection method is the easiest way, and thus more and more of China's plastics factory. Injection molded plastic products out of good quality,
The use of various color masterbatch
Plastic color, which is the high content of pigment (or dye uniform load) pay granular plastic resin in toner. Masterbatch is added a certain dilution resin through a variety of colors or extrusion processing technology
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