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Do good or Toner Color Masterbatch plastic good
Plastic bags is defined by the business to provide customers with bags. Plastic bags for its low prices by businesses welcome. But its non-solubility characteristics, making it the number one enemy of environmental protection.
Several of the masterbatch performance analysis
the choice of the heat resistance of the pigment masterbatch, polypropylene fibers basic requirement withstand temperature during the production, to maintain its stable performance. Temperature requirements for the above temperature is generally 270 ~ 280 ℃.
Masterbatch production technology
Masterbatch generally wet process technology
Masterbatch used in polypropylene fibers
Isotactic polypropylene synthetic fiber is the world's "five-lun," one, referred to as polypropylene, polypropylene does not contain any functional group, so far no dye can be dyed, pigment masterbatches for melt spinning into account PP colored fibers more than 95%.
Plasticizers are designed to increase the polymer plastic polymer, improve processability and give the products flexibility aids. Plasticizer function is that can be inserted between the polymer macromolecules, through isolation, shielding, coupling and other ways to undermine their interaction, and thus to lower the melting temperature of the resin.
Masterbatches and functional masterbatches application pivotal
Masterbatch based colorant, carrier resin, dispersing agents, coupling agents, surfactants, builders obtained high concentration colored pellets
What masterbatch production technology to create products
It came into being all kinds of masterbatch processing equipment and production technology based on the basic theory of pigment dispersion.
Frequently Asked Questions introduced masterbatch
This may be undesirable due to the manufacturers of the selected dispersing or poor quality due to diffusion aid solubility, affect the physical and mechanical properties of products.
The method of classification of masterbatch
By carrier classification: such as PE masterbatch, PP masterbatch, ABS masterbatch, PVC masterbatches, EVA masterbatch, etc;
Different uses are different grades of masterbatch
Professional analysis masterbatch: product, normal temperature safe to use the occasion special color master general level of heat resistance of plastic products to adapt, but later cause different levels of color.
Masterbatch performance requirements
Heat resistance masterbatch pigment chosen, a basic requirement, endure polypropylene fiber production process temperature, stable performance.
Masterbatch course What are the requirements for titanium dioxide
In the use of titanium dioxide, pay attention to relations with titanium dioxide, plastic raw materials, additives between the points where the choices are the following
Compatibility black masterbatch big advantage
Compatibility No big black masterbatch masterbatch quality is one of the factors that determine if the use of masterbatch chips or recycled materials produced, then it may contain contaminants or other non-meltable polymer.
Plastic products for the masterbatch calls for a gradual increase
With today's "high performance plastic materials," the promotion and popularization of plastic products for the masterbatch requirements not only stay in the "colored" It's one level,
How to choose and use masterbatch masterbatch Notes
Masterbatch selection factors need attention (1) Security masterbatch (2) Type of TiO2 masterbatch contentCategory (3) masterbatch additive content (4) Viscosity of masterbatch matches the raw material system (5) masterbatch in the processing temperature zone of low molecular weight volatiles content (high temperature) (6) the dispersion of masterbatch (7) Color Stability
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