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Rapid Identification of plastic masterbatches how species
he color identified law: In general, the raw material without additives, if itself contains a double bond, the color was slightly yellow, such as abs, due butadiene copolymer, after the polymerization of the polymer still contains a double bond, Thus will significantly slightly yellow.
Performance plastics masterbatches requirements
Masterbatches, said the fundamental purpose of the plastic material to use is at the lowest cost to meet the performance requirements of the article
Classification and applications through carbon black
Quality black masterbatch depends on the following factors: degree of dispersion, covering power, rheology, compatibility, stability, color shades.
Plastic filler surface treatment technology
In the plastics manufacturers in the face of the filler surface treatment problem, the solution is not to take exactly the same, but most of them are somewhat similar
Role of polyethylene wax masterbatch
olyethylene wax is added to strengthen the carbon black masterbatch aggregates wetting and penetration by shear force, reducing its size, but also improve the system's compatibility with the carbon black, it is conducive to disperse; therewith while reducing system viscosity, although this can increase production, but also transmitted to the shear force of the carbon black aggregates significantly decrease adverse dispersion.
PET can be used to support the white masterbatch blown it?
Therefore, Xiao Bian prompts you when purchasing white mother blown film, do not just focus on price, compatibility first.
Masterbatch corporate standards
Domestic use, production of masterbatch more than 20 years of history, nearly 200 manufacturers, but the production units due to the different equipment and technology level, large differences in the quality of production, so we excerpt a typical factory enterprise standards for reference.
Note the use of masterbatch
Use colored masterbatch injection products, injection molding machine is preferably a screw, otherwise due to the plasticizing, mixing caused by poor uneven coloring.
Masterbatch carrier in
The masterbatch carrier, usually polymers, the role of the carrier is the "bearer" colorant and various auxiliary components, coloring agent components and to obtain good dispersion of the components in the carrier adhesion granulation , to prevent dust, easy to use purpose.
The main advantages and disadvantages colored color tablets
good dispersion and distribution using the method of this coloration of plastics, not prone to color coarse grain particles (the so-called color point) or uneven color ills
PC / ABS resin, alloy development Tidbits
The plastics industry is developing rapidly in recent years, has brought great convenience to life and industry, plastics modification become the future trend of development, greatly enhance the good performance of plastic products, Lu Yan Masterbatch Xiaobian take you to understand the development of PC / ABS alloy .
PC / ABS alloy What advantage?
As we all know, PC / ABS alloy changed the properties of plastic products, making it more excellent, so is this good performance properties of the alloy resin in place?
Lu Yan Masterbatch main features of ABS modified material
Lu Yan Xiao Bian recently masterbatch modified plastics collected a lot of little knowledge for everyone to share your point of view today with ABS modified material.
What characteristics of the application is modified material PP
PP modified material, hence the name think Italy is some performance improvements, such as to impact resistance, stretch material on the basis of PP. Specific divided into the following categories.
How many black masterbatch plastic production to add?
Adding filler masterbatch plastic in the processing production is a very common thing, this is also the industry's consistent practice.
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