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Filling masterbatch how to reduce the cost?
Filler masterbatch development up to now, as the raw materials and electricity price rise, labor costs increased, the competitive market results in the price is relatively lower, gradually filled masterbatch production cost pressure is more and more big, especially large scale smaller filler masterbatch production enterprises, reduce the masterbatch production cost is almost the only way out of the enterprise survival and participate in market competition.
The masterbatch industry in our country development trend analysis
At present, China's economy is in a high-speed development of the whole society to pay more and more attention to environmental protection, health problem, and plastic fiber products due to the schedule has close contact with people in life, got the attention of the whole society.
The progress of the masterbatch
The progress of the masterbatch can be summarized as super concentrated, the development of decorative visual effect masterbatch and multi-functional masterbatch.
Plastic colorants applicability on the application of the plastic products
Plastic coloring parts are always used in a certain light conditions, so the plastic light fastness of the colorant is a very important indicator
How to choose a black masterbatch
As we all know the plastic black above the market now is the mother of good and evil people mixed up, a variety of different products the price of this piece is not the same.
ABS color processing matters needing attention
(1) ABS resin is absorbent resin, in the warehouse absorb water rate is usually 0.3% to 0.3%. For ABS resin before use must be fully dry processing. If you don't fully predrying, extrusion products will appear bubbles, surface scars, rough surface phenomenon.
The composition of polyolefin masterbatch
The composition of polyolefin masterbatch mainly: pigment, dispersant, carrier of three parts.
The role of masterbatch in caps
With the widely application of the plastic bottle packing in these areas, plastic bottle cap is becoming more and more the importance of it. Plastic bottle cap as an important part in plastic bottle packaging, protect the product quality and shape the personality.
What are the properties of plastic coloring?
Plastic colorants colouring performance, can be examined from the several aspects.
The use of plastic packaging industry at the masterbatch cause our special attention
As is known to all, most of China's food using plastic bag packaging, even expensive airline food is not exceptional also, plastic bag become the important factors that affect food safety
2015 fifteenth Session Shandong Advertising Festival
We Shandong Luyan Color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. as the Shandong Province famous trademark, Shandong Province famous brand, national high technology enterprise by industrial and commercial bureau invited to attend the 15th Advertising Festival. Please pay attention to us.
China Plastic Association
Shandong Luyan Color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. as the China Plastics processing industry association function Masterbatch professional committee annual meeting co organizer will from 17 to 19 September 2015 in Guangdong Dongguan Fenggang Longfeng villa film resort, national AAAA level scenic spots, assist held in 2015 China CPPIA multi function masterbatch in cum Forum on innovation and development of will.
The limitations of masterbatch color have?
the masterbatch coloring applies only to the process of preparing thermoplastic plastic color masterbatch, usually by being shaded resin as the carrier, because of the thermosetting resin chemical reaction happens after heated and crosslinking, lose melting performance, therefore not suitable for used to make color to the carrier, has yet to see the thermosetting plastic color masterbatch and its application.
The main advantage of the masterbatch color have?
Masterbatch coloring was first a high concentration of coloured aggregate - masterbatch, then will need color masterbatch and color plastic particles after mixing, made from plastic parts directly.
What methods of masterbatch coloring?
Masterbatch coloring was first a high concentration of coloured aggregate - masterbatch, then will need color masterbatch and color plastic particles after mixing, molding plastic parts directly.
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