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Four important factors that determine the quality of black masterbatch
Margin is generally to black masterbatch used in textile, plastics, rubber and other products, is widely used color masterbatch, here about the decision of black masterbatch quality factors.
Toner with direct difference between colors
The interaction of color, from people on the consciousness and the psychological effect of color, use the scientific analysis method, the complex phenomenon of color reduction as the basic elements, use of color in the space, can change on the quantity and quality, according to certain rules to each level of the relationship between, and the process of creating new colour effect.
9th China International Exhibition on Engineering Plastics Industry
2015 international engineering plastics exhibition is being held in Shanghai, from international customers, are looking for the right color masterbatch manufacturer cooperation, the graph is located in the international exhibition on the rubber and plastic masterbatch factory booth.
Used coating pigment masterbatch industry standards
The raw material of pigments, masterbatch. Paint quality directly affects the quality of the masterbatch, and masterbatch quality directly affect the quality of the plastic products. In other words, the plastic products to the requirements of the masterbatch, masterbatch requirement for paint. This includes security, heat stability, light fastness and weather resistance, acid-proof alkaline, high mobility, chemical resistance, etc.
In the production of masterbatch coloring material requirements
Color masterbatch coloring material, must pay attention to material and plastic raw materials, additives, the collocation of relationship between the choice of as described below.
Masterbatch organic surface treatment process and technical details
Commonly used masterbatch technology is wet process. Masterbatch grinding material via water phase, phase inversion, washing, drying, granulation, and only in this way can we guarantee the quality of the product. Pigments in grinding processing at the same time, also should undertake a series of technical inspection of the masterbatch, determination of such as sanding slurry fineness, the spread of the abrasive slurry performance
What is no carrier masterbatch?
You know, no carrier masterbatch is what? No carrier masterbatch is relative, is to replace resin with microcrystalline wax, dispersant, internal and external lubricants, etc. High concentration of carrier free masterbatch is designed for engineering plastics injection molding and mixture of color and design. Black masterbatch mainly adopts the advanced manufacturing technology of single slice method,
Luyan PA yellow masterbatch technical data
Product description this product USES the import yellow organic pigments to join a special additives to nylon as the carrier, the double screw extrusion granulation. Pigment high heat resistance, weather resistance, good water resistance and migration resistance.
Luyan masterbatch technical data
Product description this product USES the import high black pigment to join a special assistant to the nylon as the carrier, the double screw extrusion granulation. High carbon black blackness and brightness, especially suitable for nylon and glass fiber.
Special masterbatch modified material
According to the customer request our company research and development of new nano modified masterbatch. It is applied to the PE/PP materials for the blown film, blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, and other products processing, not only can improve the tensile strength of the mold; And reduce the blow molding, injection molding, extrusion products, such as shrinkage, improve the impact strength of the product. As a whole to improve product performance and reduce the production cost.
Masterbatch need to dry before use?
Pigment in general do not need to drying, can be used directly, but, except for ABS and NY masterbatch, they shall be dried according to the conventional process
Can use several different pigment mixed color?
LuYan companies often use several masterbatch configuration specific color for small dosage of clients
The use of how to determine the masterbatch proportion?
To determine the proportion of the masterbatch coloring effect is the basis, to achieve a satisfactory. As long as the surface of the product is uniform, no stripes and spots, you can recognize.
The classification of the masterbatch multi-purpose also
Advanced injection masterbatch, used in cosmetics packaging, toys, eanced prodlectrical shell and other advucts.
What grade and masterbatch points?
Classified by the carrier, such as PE masterbatch, PP masterbatch, ABS masterbatch masterbatch, PVC, EVA masterbatch, etc Classification according to the use, such as injection of masterbatch, blowing masterbatch, spinning, masterbatch,
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