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A common defect of masterbatch
using a color mother, products appear more easily broken This may be due to the manufacturer chooses the spread of the dispersant additives or quality is not good cause bad miscibility, physical and mechanical properties of the affected products.
How to use the masterbatch?
The extruder die head temperature increasing, the brightness can increase the products.
PE masterbatch blown film process common problems
The packing bag of shandong LuYan masterbatch company produces white masterbatch is based on low density polyethylene (LDPE matrix materials. High quality rutile type titanium pigment HeJinPin high grade poly scattered polythene wax additives and senior white masterbatch. It can produce good surface performance and printing performance of high quality film. Such as packaging film.
Foaming masterbatch used in moulding foaming products often appear what problem?
Shandong LuYan masterbatch co., LTD., founded in 1994, is located in the "national famous historical and cultural city" - taian. Is a dominated by masterbatch, integrating scientific research, production and sales in a body's modernized enterprise. LuYan company remind everybody foaming masterbatch used in moulding foaming products problem and its solution
How to really solve the masterbatch dispersion and precipitation problem
In masterbatch formulation, additives with composite dispersant as the main body (adding proportion based on cost and quality requirements in regulation between 2-6%), and then add some other lower-end additives (such as paraffin wax, stearic acid, zinc, etc.) to fill the amount. Already so make sure that the masterbatch has good dispersion, precipitation and solved the defects, and the cost is not rising, and even on the basis of the original lower 5 ~ 10% or more.
Extruded board masterbatch processing performance is good
Shandong LuYan masterbatch co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is located in the "national famous historical and cultural city" - taian. Is a dominated by masterbatch, integrating scientific research, production and sales in a body's modernized enterprise.
Color masterbatch in blister sheet application common ills and solution
the sheet is nebulee causes: color masterbatch poor dispersion in the sheet, low processing temperature, resin temperature is too high. Solution: to improve the temperature of the material, and improve the die lip temperature, lower the temperature in the cylinder, the lower the temperature in the die lip, improve color masterbatch dispersion.
Masterbatch common ills in stretch film applications and solutions
stretch film net-like structure causes: pigment content is too high, poor heat resistance, pigment masterbatch in water. Solution: lower the temperature in the district, appropriate masterbatch drying, choose a pigment with high intensity, choose the paint with good heat resistance, strengthen hair drier, raise the water temperature.
Common ills and polyethylene blow molding solution
film surface nebulee reason: color masterbatch packing, color masterbatch dispersion, extrusion screw too fast, screw extrusion temperature too high or too low, the nose temperature too high or too low. Solution: reduce the speed, appropriate adjustment screw cooling water temperature, adjust the head temperature. Reduce color masterbatch filler content, improve the color masterbatch of pigment dispersion.
How to choose the high quality of black masterbatch?
black masterbatch on the stability of one of the main performance is stable, the proportion of carbon black. If the percentage of carbon black is fluctuating, so need to the number of the molten masterbatch is not the same, to produce the same color of products is also impossible.
Color masterbatch used in moulding foaming products problem and its solution
foam size instability causes: pigment crystal structure solution: increase the dosage of foaming agent, foaming temperature, to switch to paint new varieties.
Masterbatch dispersant is introduced
Dispersant is provided to pigment masterbatch and infiltration, can make its dispersed into a small, stable, evenly distributed in the resin particles, convergent wax with narrow molecular weight distribution, stable quality and a series of excellent performance main coloring masterbatch of high-end market. Multinational companies in China and domestic masterbatch masterbatch enterprise core enterprise use the aggregation of imported wax wax or more.
Masterbatch application in PPR pipe
PP-R pipe is generally have PPR raw material together with color masterbatch in the barrel and the mixing machine mixing blend. Pp-r plastic material (PP - R English name is polypropylene random (copolymer ), is short for polypropylene random copolymer, tube also is used to refer to cold water and hot water for conveying material.
Masterbatch on the history of China
Masterbatch into China has more than 20 years of history, varieties from scratch, than at the beginning of the quality and development has improved significantly. Masterbatch products are mainly used in plastics, fiber industry, adding various additives products industry is a more excellent way.
Shandong Luyan what is the Advantage of Masterbatch?
Our overall advantage is our polymer background and experience, which gives us the edge for formulating masterbatches in all types of resins.
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